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August 18th

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Being a brat




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Played by

Storm_Puff on Tegaki

Cannoli (カノーリ Kanoori) is a reoccurring antagonist in the Tegaki Mew Mew universe and the seventh sent of several aliens deployed to reclaim Earth.

Name Edit


A Cannoli an Italian pastry

Her name is Cannoli, which is a pastry consisting of fried dough and filled with a sweet creamy filling such as ricotta cheese mixed with vanilla or chocolate or chocolate chips and so on. Cannoli is plural for Cannolo which means "Little Tube".

Physical Appearance Edit

Cannoli is a small and petite little alien girl, standing at 4'7 weighing only 74 lbs. She doesn't stand out from her fellow aliens even though her hair is dark brown and ridiculously long (it drags on the floor), which reflects the chocolate chips that are often put into Cannoli's. With golden eyes, large elf ears and a very revealing outfit consisting of a brown tube top with light yellow bloomers and a large yellow bow tied by the alien ribbons and no shoes or anything on her little feet. Cannoli is among the average of her race.

Personality and Traits Edit

She is very childish with her thinking and how she reacts to others. Cannoli can come off as a brat, and stuck up, for she wont look at you if she doesn't respect you. Though she hasn't interacted with the aliens sent to earth around her age group, she isn't very fond of them. She thinks they are too childish. But she doesn't honestly know them. When it comes to the older aliens, or those who have rank on her such as Mille-Fueille (he is only 3 days older then her) She see's them as older siblings and looks up to them. To her, they are what she had always wanted in her family, but being an only child she never got to experience any siblings. So she will often stand really close to them, or hug them when things have gone bad. Since coming to earth, she see's Croissant as the leader of the aliens, and even if she want's to do one thing, and he says another, she will stop doing what she is doing and do as he says. Same almost goes to those who have rank on her....She's actually very obedient, though she prefers to not be bugged when she is determined to do something.

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Weapon Edit

Her bo is about as tall as she is. Though Cannoli is not the best when it comes to combat fighting, mainly due to the fact she is fighting with her eyes shut. Cannoli uses a bo because it is long, and it's easier to hit someone when you are not looking. She does however shine when it comes to making Chirema Anima's (she's a little prodigy), which recently she has taken interest to test the limitations of Chimrema Anima's and Mew Poppukon.

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