Eclair, out of disguise


Eclair de Héritier; "Izumi Hoshino" / "Kaoru Chiasa" / "Miwa Hasegawa"





Date of Birth

December 7

Blood Type



Disguise Specialist


Throwing knives


??? (Father); ??? (Mother); Ganache (Twin Brother, also deployed to earth)



Played by

Zemire on TegakiE

Eclair ( エクレエア Ekureea ) is a reoccurring antagonist in the Tegaki Mew Mew universe and the fifth in a series of aliens sent to reclaim the Earth (she prefers to think of herself as the fourth, though - to her, Azur doesn't count). Her place in their team is as their resident master of disguise. Though born on the same hostile, unnamed planet as the other aliens, Eclair's family is one of the quote-unquote "noble" alien families, so her choosing to be deployed to Earth came as a bit of a shock to her parents as her upbringing hadn't been one that would prompt most people to join the military. Eclair has been talented at creating disguises since she was very young, but she didn't take it seriously until she was about ten years old. Of course, since she wasn't expected to do anything other than grow up and get married, the people around her (except Ganache) didn't really take it seriously until she actually went traipsing off to earth. As such, she has no preexisting reputation based on her skills tied to her family name, and that is the way she prefers it. The reasons for her decision to join the aliens in reclaiming Earth are unknown to her parents and to her comrades (except, once again, Ganache), but based on her personality, it wouldn't be inaccurate to speculate that they have something to do with feeling "duty-bound" to help secure a more suitable living place for her people.

Name Edit

Eclair is named for the French pastry of the same name. Unlike the eclair, she is not a sweet and delicious dessert, nor is she cream-filled; however, like the pastry, there's a bit more to her than first meets the eye. At first glance, some eclairs can seem kind of boring - just a pastry bar with icing. In the same way, Eclair can come off as simply focused and cruel most of the time.

The word eclair literally means "a flash of lightning" in French, which fits her better than the connotations of the pastry do.

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