Financier Noir


Finny; Finn; Noir


Appears 19



Bate of Birth

July 14th

Blood Type

AB +




Lebel and a revolver(both tranqiulizers)


Louis-Andres Noir (Father); Marie Arietta Noir(Step-Mother); Carolina Noir(Birth mother, desceased)



Played by

Kyandisu on Tegaki E

Financier is an Upper class Alien, who is considered a 'Noble' though he certainly did NOT get the job of a nobel. He works under the class as a 'Grunt' on the taking over Earth project. He was sent to Earth by his parents so he could become useful to his kind.

The real reason he wanted to go to Earth was to actually interact with the people on it. Since a child he was poor at making conversation with Aliens since they were all mean or poor, and if they were poor his parents wouldn't let him near them so he never spoke to much of anyone.

Noir is a very strange alien when it comes to his personality. He is VERY dense so he doesn't exactly say the smartest things. He is actually quite cheerful though when he is sad, there's really nothing you can do that will stop him from bawling his eyes out. When he talks with humans he generally speaks in a sophisticated manner, but if he is talking to an Alien such as Olive, he is usually very hostile unless he is good friends with the alien, or just likes their attitude. Noir IS a bi-sexual, mostly depending on the time of day. During the night it is more apparent for his affection towards others, including those of the same sex. He really doesn't care what gender they are, he just wants some love.



Two financiers

inancier's name is completely French, noir being the colour black and Financier being a type of small French cake, often mistaken for a pastry. A financier is a light teacake, similar to spongecake and usually has almonds in it. Finn is the Alias he used while infilrating, (and having his lunch) at The Café Mew Mew for a research project on the Mews and humans, as he had not encountered humans before ever having come to Earth. Noir is the nickname used for him by Olive. Finny is the nickname his creator gave him and generally refers to him as.

Physical Appearance


Financier's eye with the Iris emphasized

A very slim boy yet muscled, Financier doesn't eat much as he is mostly focused on trying to figure out how to work the things needed to cook his food. He has very wavy brown hair with black tips on the end of it. His outfit differs from most traditional outfits due to his higher rank in the alien classes. his outfit focuses on a more victorian style of top being like a small cape. Along almost all of his clothing is several small diamond-like shapes in yellow colour. His outfit has four long ribbons on it, two(brown and yellow) around his neck, and a brown & and black ribbon along his waistline. He has amber coloured eyes with partially thick slits in them

Personality and TraitsEdit

Financier is most definately NOT the brightest bulb in the box, especially when it comes to acting like a human or figuring out how human devices work. He is normally polite when talking to humans, but when it comes to the aliens he is not sure how to talk to them since the last time he spoke to an alien, they made him cry. He enjoys insulting and arguing with Olive, it seems to give him a jolly. The thing that usually sets him off from the other aliens is that he has a dislike at the idea of killing off the humans and taking over their world. Sure he finds thier blatant disregard of their planet's health a little horrible, but he enjoys the idea of a human lifestlye and the sights they can see in their home land.



Financier's Revolver(top)

Financier carries around two weapons with him, the Lebel(Shotgun) and the Chamelot Delvinge French 1873(Revolver). The Lebel he got as a gift from his father at a young age so he treasures it more than anything else. It is a high powered shotgun capable of excessively far-range assaults. The Chamelot he bought with his own money after his years in sharp shooter practice. The Chamelot is a low powered revolver with a very fast shooting rate, but is only good for fairly close range attacks. Either way Financier always tries to have the upper hand in a battle. Since his guns are loaded with tranquilizers, he doesn't use his ammo lightly, if there is any kind of chance that he is going to miss his target, he will not shoot.


Financier does not have many relationships with anyone for the moment except what seems to be a rivalry between him and Olive and a semi- friendship with Morada

o 5.1 Family

Carolina Noir: Financier's birth-mother, she died of an unknown disease when Financier was still young, so he didn't really get to form much of an opinion about her.

Arietta Noir : Arietta is probably the only person in the universe who Financier truly loathes. Since his real mother died when he was little, his father re-married and Arietta was brought into his family. She doesn't treat him with respect, even at 19, and she doesn't approve of his 'studies' that involve the humans. She was the one who originally thought it would be a good idea to send him to Earth to help eradicate the humans, but it turned out that it was a bad idea to her and now she does anything she can to irritate or aggrivate Financier.

Louis - Andres Noir : Financier is actually very close with his father. He and his father never fight, and share a bond similar to human fathers and sons. He and his father would often go off for target practice, though his father would use people as his targets, while financier would pick inanimate objects such as trees. Lucky for his father's targets, Financier's father has a terrible aim.

o 5.2 Friends
Morada : Financier seems to have managed to at least somewhat make one friend. He considers Morada his friend since he doesn't really argue with him and seems to be able to get along with him really well. He also has a great liking towards him, which most would think of as a 'crush' since Financier finds Morada 'cute'.

o 5.3 Enemies
Olive : It seems not even a few days of being on earth he has already made an enemy, being Olive, another alien. They seem to share a rivalry sort of relationship, though Financier doesn't actually have much of a dislike for him. He mostly just likes having the chance to argue with someone.


  • Financier is DEATHLY afraid of any vegetables that are green. He thinks that if he eats them, they'll poison him
  • Financier takes a great interest in French culture and cuisine
  • He cannot work a toaster. As simple as it is, and no matter how many times he is shown how to do it, he just can't.
  • He loves human technology, but for the life of him, he cannot operate it.
  • Financier's family is fairly wealthy, and the name 'Financier' actually is another word for ' person who works with money'.