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Kimchi is a young alien in the TeMM universe, known for her slight ego problems. She is played by iTampon on tegakiE

About Kimchi Edit

Kimchi is a 14 year old alien who came to earth to get in the action, Her father wanting her to stay home. Sadly,But not suprisingly she refused and left without warning; leaving her single father with her brother.

She's over enthusiastic and has an ego problem, Believing that she is the most smartest,Preetiest, and amazing alien around.

Even though she has a ego, She can be rather a crybaby and pouts when she doesn't get what she wants.

Description Edit

She has long red hair with neat bangs tied up into two pigtails. She has a round face with large red-orange eyes. Kimchi is 4"8 and has no defined curves and a rather flat chest, even thought she hates to believe so. She has three earings. one on her left and twio on her right, The right ear being a chain with a feather on it.

Her usual attire is a oversized orange jacket with tribal-like embroidery. underneath is a bright red bikini top. She wears dark orange shorts,but her jacket makes it look like she's not wearing any. Her favorite accent is her crossed black belts.