Kurra (kuu-rah) A new grunt in the mercenary sector of the alien ship who fights the Tegaki Mew Mews with his Sickles.


Always bored or lazing around, Kurra's only enjoyment is restraning the Mew Mews (mostly girl mew mews). He doesn't talk or socialize much with both the mewmews and his comrades, but when he does chat he is very sarcastic. The only way for him to open up to anyone is for them to share same interest in Mew Mews as he does, and to not snitch on him to the higher-ups for being unable to fill out his mission tasks.

Kurra has a creeper mentality when it comes to the Tegaki Mew Mews, once he finds a cute girl that he actually enjoys fighting, he will chase after her whenever they meet again in battles or if he is able to spot her from afar. And it's never just one of the Mew Mews, he'll keep an eye on any that peaks his inerest.


Kurra always has a hard time fusing and controlling his chimeras, so he mostly leaves that job to his comrades. Because of this His only way to fend off the Mew Mews is by using his weapon to wrap them up or cut them up a bit to scare them off.

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