Macaron (マカロン makaron) is a new alien and antagonist to the Tegaki Mew Mew team. This character is played by Blackcurrant.





20 years approximately


November 18th




Lieutenant (Mercenary)


Magic Paper Charms


Ladurée (mother), Tompouce† (father)

Name MeaningEdit


An assortment of macarons, each coming in different colors.

Macaron's name comes from the pastry of the same name. It is an almond dessert consisting of two meringue discs and a filling in the middle, often either buttercream, jam, or ganache. They can come in different colors and flavors, from traditional chocolate to modern green tea.

Macaron's mother, Ladurée, is named after the pâtisserie that made the modern macaron. Her father, Tompouce, is named after the Dutch and Belgian variety of the mille-feuille/napoleon. Maybe this is where her hatred of the child commander stems from...


Macaron is a giant woman, standing at six feet tall without shoes, weighs around one-hundred seventy pounds, and possesses curves like no other. Unlike the other aliens, her skin has a noticeable tan with a pinkish glow that matches her pink page cut and sharp pink eyes. She dons a purple choker, an azure bikini top with purple straps, azure short shorts, and purple strips of fabric wrapped around her hips with the loose ends flowing back. She also wears azure kneeguards and elbowguards with purple straps and two-inch azure heels with purple straps. Her mother's white ribbons are worn in her hair, and she cherishes these very much. Ripping them equates to instant death.


Macaron was born to poor parents Tompouce and Ladurée. Her father was always gone getting money for food for his wife and daughter, so she stayed at home taking care of her crippled mother. This was a time where, despite being underprivileged, she was genuinely happy with her life.

When Macaron was six years old, however, her father was discovered to be dead by suicide, and the young girl started wondering why he had done so. Coming to the conclusion he had abandoned her and her mother, her view on life drastically changed from rosy and optismistic to dog-eat-dog. She had to find a job in child labor that allowed her to feed both herself and her ailing mother, and she did so in the industry of collecting resources from the surface. Even though it was a hard life for her, she survived, her little body growing tough and resilient from the work.

At around ten or eleven years old, Macaron stumbled upon Flaugnarde and Clafoutis Marron, two up-and-coming nobles with children of their own. Taking pity upon the girl and her conditions, the noblewoman took her in as a household servant, letting her share a room with another servant to get her accustomed. Macaron adjusted to life as a servant very quickly, and the cleaner living areas improved her mother's health considerably.





Mashide (魔紙垂):

Tatega (盾画):



Voice Actors: Atsuko Tanaka (Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell); Wendee Lee (Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop)