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Mew beet is a slightly evil Ukrainian/Russian in the mew universe. Played by iTampon


About Edit

When Yanya was 11 her and her parents moved all the way from Russia to Tokyo, Japan. Her father is a engineer working for a big technology company in Tokyo and her mother runs an online shop. Beet's mother is always at home,Despite being busy she rather be Beet's friend then mother and treats her as such,While her father is strick but is always away to work or on trips back to Russia.

Beet was hit with the cannon one morning on her way to school when she stopped to look at a dead rodent on the side of the road. And was quick to discover her powers, But she barely puts them to much use and is reluctant to join in with the other Mews. She served as a "Police" over the short lived "Capture the flag event" And her current location is unknown, Thought she likes to make her apperances somewhat long living.

Despite her constant refusal to help at times, She does come around the Mew Mew Cafe every now and then, Either to leech off the WiFi, or to watch the other Mews have fun.

Her name means "Bitter" becuase she was a easily angered baby, So her mother nicnames her "гіркі листя буряка" (Bitter Beet leaf)

Personality Edit

Never be fooled by her Sweet and Innocent exterior she is a serial killer not what she makes herself out fo be all the time. She acts friendly, and even caring, But most of it is often just a ruse.

Beet can be cold and uncaring and has little to no interest in helping most of the mews at times, Only when she see's something in it for her will she join and assume her child-like behaviors. She is nice when she wants to be,but she is also quick to judge and even though she won't tell it to someones face she will always see somones flaws before their pros. Before she moved her peronality was much better then what it is today, The shock of moving to suck a different culture contributes to her inward negativity.

Beet has an unusual fondness for videogames and online trolling. And her screen name is always BittersweetAutopsy.(I plan to do something with this in the future,Humor me.)

Description Edit

Mew Form

In her mew form Yanya is bright pink and red/magenta, She has long magenta pig-tales that curl at the ends, She has Dark mahogony eyes also.

Human Form

In human form she has baby blue eyes and light blonde hair that is tide up in shorter and straight pig-tales. She often wears skirts and nice dress shirts when she's out,But when shes at home she wears overlarge shirts and very high socks(Usually stripped or patterned.) She finds this confortable when she plays her video games.