Mew Cassis
Picture 262
Mew form

Human Name

Kashisu Kuromura


16 years old




Tiger chameleon


Cassis Staff


Reborn Cassis Etoile (attack); Reborn Cassis Safeguard (defense)


September 6th




3/4 Japanese, 1/4 French


10th; attends Taisho Private High School

Mew Cassis (ミュウカシス), known in her human form as Kashisu Kuromura (黒村かしす), is a Mew Mew who has been recruited into Tegaki Mew Mew in order to help defend Tokyo from alien attacks. She is played by Blackcurrant on Tegaki Mew Mew.


800px-Schwarze Johannisbeeren Makro

Blackcurrant, also known as cassis.

Kashisu's namesake comes from cassis, the French word for blackcurrant, a small fruit that is immensely more popular in Europe than in the US. Her last name, Kuromura, translates to black village in Japanese.

At school Kashisu is often referred to as aneki or sempai, despite only being a sophomore. Her brothers and sister call her oneesan or even kaasan because of her older sister and borderline motherly tendencies. Only her parents and grandmother call her by her first name proper.


Human FormEdit

Kashisu is a tall girl, standing at 175 centimeters (5 feet 9 inches) and weighing 55 1/2 kilograms (121 pounds). She sports a shiny black Chinese bob with a fringe covering her eyebrows. Her medium-sized eyes are a shade of yellow-green, and they have no noticeable eyelashes or other features. She has a lean frame, a diamond-shaped face, noticeably long legs, and a high-pitched voice.

Her pink Mew Mark resembles a lizard, her representative animal. It starts with an equilateral triangle, four smaller triangles arranged to loosely form a square in the middle, and ends with a long isosceles triangle. This mark is located on her forehead, and it is conveniently covered by her bangs.

Mew FormEdit

Mew Cassis has the normal choker with a pendant, arm garters, and a thigh garter on her left leg. Her outfit's overall color scheme consists of black and orchid, and her hair and eyes have the same colors respectively. Her top is short and has a straight collar with fuzz trim and semicircle bottom. Her shorts are slightly puffy, and the bottom is trimmed with fuzz. She has orchid armwarmers that only cover the second part of her arms excluding her hands. She wears orchid socks that come up to her knees, and she wears black kitten heels. Due to her chameleon DNA, she has a green lizard tail that curls at the end and has small green ridges trailing down from her back to the end of her tail.


Kashisu is a sweet, warmhearted girl whose primary priority is the well-being of others. At home she looks after her younger siblings in a motherly way, frequently checks up on her older brother and grandmother in Kagurazaka, and even treats her own mother as if she were a rebellious child. She doesn't like expressing her emotions too strongly, thus coming off as reserved to strangers, and whenever she does, she will promptly apologize for whatever she said, whether or not she should. However, this also means she keeps a cool head in a stressful situation and isn't prone to jumping to conclusions.

At school Kashisu has gained a reputation in her grade level at school for being the "big sister" of her class, further supported by the fact she is class representative and is enrolled in the advanced class program at Taisho Private High School. She takes her responsibilities as class representative seriously, so she can sometimes be strict with her classmates.

Hobbies & InterestsEdit

Kashisu vents her daily unexpressed emotions through performing, be it acting, dancing, or singing. In middle school she was particularly enamored with the Takarazuka Revue and becoming an otokoyaku, so before she entered high school, she cut her formerly long locks extremely short and joined the Drama Club. Even though becoming a mew forced her to quit taking acting roles in, she still actively assists the other members and likes attending plays and movie screenings.

Unknown to anyone outside of her family and social circle, Kashisu is a hardcore nerd for early-90s and older anime and Sanrio/San-X, and she has decorated her bedroom with all sorts of these products. She actively keeps up with Pokémon news and carries around a Pokéwalker wherever she goes. She is also extremely interested in Western culture and likes to dress herself in those fashions, especially ones that are vintage.


Picture 261

Her weapon, the Cassis Staff


Cassis Staff (カシスタッフ kashisutaffu), casually known as the "Cassistaff", is a black recorder with orchid-colored accents and a pink heart pendant set in a yellow trim. On the heart is a pair of wing-like accessories on the sides and a green crown-like accessory on the top.


Reborn Cassis Etoile - Cassis summons her weapon by lifting her hand into the air Sailor Moon style. She spins around clockwise once while sparkles come out of the top of the staff. Energy gathers at the bottom, and when it's fully charged, the staff emits a light purple glow. She blows the recorder at the top, and a beam of stars homes in at the enemy and attacks. It is a long-range attack that, thanks to its homing nature, is very well-suited for sneak attacks.

Reborn Cassis Safeguard - Cassis holds her weapon out sideways, shouts her attack, and creates a flat, star-shaped shield defending herself and others around her.

Her offense attack


Back view (+color)

Fighting StyleEdit

Kashisu fights "to protect": attacks when they have an advantage, defends when they don't have an advantage. When it comes to cooperation, Kashisu can deal with almost anyone thrown at her, but people who are just as reserved as she is may find her a little standoffish at first because of her reserved nature when it comes to strangers. She deals best with people who are more outgoing and talkative than she is.


Mew Cassis has the ability to turn invisible, and combined with her acting abilities, lends itself quite nicely to stealth and undercover missions. In human form, she turns invisible whenever she is shocked or alarmed, which thankfully for her isn't too often.


Will add to when she interacts more ;;


Tarô Kuromura (黒村太郎 kuromura tarou), 44 years old, 6'3", Kashisu's father. He runs an otaku convenience store called Konbi Niko Niko (コンビニコニコ) and is definitely one himself. Despite his eccentricities, he is a hearty and sociable man who can be friends with almost anyone. Kashisu has a close relationship with him, although he can be overprotective of her at times.

Kuzuha Kuromura (黒村葛葉 kuromura kuzuha), 40 years old, 5'8", Kashisu's mother. She works as a nurse at a hospital in Setagaya and is still the yankii she was in high school. She has a strained relationship with her daughter due to her own irresponsibility and cigarette abuse. However, she is very close to her mother and often visits her on her days off.

Jun Kuromura (黒村ジュン kuromura jun), 19 years old, 6'1", Kashisu's older brother. He lives with his grandmother in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, and is currently working as an assistant to a manga artist while trying to debut on his own. He and Kashisu talk on Skype three to four times a week after she finishes homework, and she'll occasionally visit him to check on his health.

Tomoki Kuromura (黒村朋李 kuromura tomoki), 12 years old, 5'2", Kashisu's younger brother. He is a sixth grader going to Sodo's elementary school along with his sister Michiru. He is a typical, if not more rambunctious, little boy who loves video games and anime. He often rejects Kashisu's attempts of acting like a mother figure to him, but secretly he does respect her as one.

Michiru Kuromura (黒村みちる kuromura michiru), 7 years old, 3'10", Kashisu's younger sister. She is a first grader going to Sodo's elementary school along with her brother Tomoki. She is a precocious young girl who loves fashion and sweets. She admires Kashisu and her grandmother a lot, and she loves to go places with either of the two of them. Despite being the youngest child, she knows the most French out of the four children, and she's expressed her desire of moving to Paris when she grows up more than once.

Aimée Leroux (エイメ・ルルー eime ruruu), 64 years old, 5'8", Kashisu's maternal grandmother. She is a French professor living in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, with her grandson Jun. She is very proud of her French heritage and attempts to get her grandchildren to participate in her French culture with varying degrees of success. Kashisu is on the more successful end, though she still can't quite get her to pick up more French.


Satsuma "Tony" Touni / Mew Satsuma (橙丹サツマ 「トニー」 touni satsuma "tonii"), addressed as "Satsuma-san" by Kashisu, is her good friend from junior high school who continues to be tight with her despite her moving up to senior high school.

Poppukon Shiomami / Mew Popcorn (塩茉美ポップコン shiomami poppukon)

Puretsu Kawaki / Mew Pretzel (渇きプレツ kawaki puretsu)

Ammy Greenwich / Mew Guava (アミー・グリニッジ amii gurinijji)

Yamamomo Suoushinrin / Mew Yamamomo (蘇枋森林山桃 suoushinrin yamamomo)

Tai Tsuchino / Mew Avocado (土の多為 tsuchino tai)

Courgette Kurosawa / Mew Courgette (黒沢コージェット kurosawa ko-jetto)



Voice Actors: Megumi Hayashibara (Young Genkai in YYH); Laura Bailey (Kayko Yukimura in YYH)