Mew Rambutan
You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a Smooth Criminal!

Human Name:

Ram Kabuto


18 years old




Stag Beetle (Lucanus Cervus)


Rambugong, Ramallet


Ribbon Ramblazer; Ribbon Ram-Ram Slam


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Mew Rambutan, known in his human form as Ram Kabuto, is a rookie Mew Mew who has only recently been recruited into Tegaki Mew Mew. He is played by Wingus on Tegaki Mew Mew.


Ram's name is obviously a shortening of Rambutan, which is a red, somewhat prickly fruit similar to lychee.


Ram is 5' 6", with a rather average build. His hair is auburn, and he dresses with a tendency towards red and earthy tones. He likes vests and shorts a lot.

Mew FormEdit

Mew Rambutan wears a crimson zoot suit - the fedora, jacket and pants are red, the vest is orange, and under that is a white shirt, but it's not seen unless he takes the jacket off. He also has white armbands, a white traditional necktie - his medallion is mounted on the knot - and white gloves, shoes, and a garter. The armbands, garter, fedora's band, and tie have orange trim on the edges. He also has an orange half facemask with white 'eyes'.

In this form, Ram has bright red hair, and maroon stag beetle horns coming out of the front of his head and sweeping back. In addition, his suit jacket can split in the back and he can deploy folded up wings, much like an actual stag beetle.


Brash, hot-blooded, kind of dumb, but has a proclivity to making puns. Heroic tendencies, and takes being a Mew Mew very seriously, even if he thinks some of the methods are silly. A shonen hero stuck in a shoujo universe, essentially.


Weapons: Rambugong - A typical-style hanging gong, repurposed as a shield - golden-yellow in color with an orange spiraling design going in toward the middle where the traditional heart is.

Ramallet - The mallet for striking a gong - pretty much a big red cloth head on a stick.

Attack: Ribbon Ramblazer - Energy gathers on the surface of the Rambugong, and erupts in a stream of fire. This is his projectile attack.

Ribbon Ram-Ram Slam - The head of the Ramallet catches aflame, and Rambutan smites away on whoever he's fighting.


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