Short hand summary

Human Name:

Shokolade (sir name unknown)






Rice Rat


chocolate bangle (They somehow ended up looking more like brass knuckles though)


chocolate claws


December 7th

Blood Type:





Mother (Japanese, slightly delusional) Father (German, doesn't resemble shokolade at all)

A character played by Crawl on TegakiE


schokolade means chocolate in german.I intended it to mean chocolate in general but somehow it got shortened into german chocolate and other people made mews with chocolate in their names.


Mew FormEdit

His unifrom is red brown and consists of the normal peices you would expect on a mew uniform. His hair and eye color remain the same. His mew mark are a set of little chocolate colored trangles over his knucles.

Human Form Edit

Schokolade is on the short side has brown hair and brown eyes and is noticebly asian. When not wearing his mew uniform he tends to wear over sized sweaters and shorts in varieing shades of tan or brown. And now this waste of space dress up I did.





There's not much to say considering I haven't done much. Schokolade is a chipper little fellow who upon discovering his mew powers attempted to be of some help in the mew cause. However he wasn't very good a fighter and settled for being the bait on missions. He strongly wishes he could be cooler and stronger like some of the other newer male mews. Currently he's been hideing in a cabinet in the kitchen of the mew cafe in an attempt to (succesfully) hide from all the busy activity. Or so I shall say to explain my not really being around.


Shoko has a close relationship with his mother and father. They live in a small apartment and spend what time they can together eating homecooked meals. Shoko's mother is japanese and his father is german. His father is in the military, which is how he met shoko's mother. His father is often called off to other places around the world so they really value the times when they can be together as a whole family.


Shokolade hasn't really gotten close to that many people in the mew scene. There are quite a few mews he admires though.

Amber is a co-worker that quite obviously has a crush on shio schoko enjoys teasing her about it.

Mew Chokeberry is someone that schoko looks up too and finds easy to talk to.

Mew Mirtillo is a co-worker that schoko has talked with a few times.

Shio, Mew Salt is another co-worker whom schoko has recently been introduced to. He thinks that shio is nice and funny guy. He also seems to find it amuseing to play of shio's confusion on schoko's real gender.

Croissant was an alien that schoko breifly knew but schoko never really seemed good at distinguishing the bad guys from the good guys.

Financier Noir is another alien that schoko somewhat knows. This is mostly due to an incedent where the poor guy acidentally ended up in schoko's closet.


He is often mistaken for a girl and isn't well knwon by the other mews as of yet.

possibly officialy catgorized as bait. More on that later.