Mew Tapioca

Birth Name

Seeme Akki


December 5th






Otter Hound


Bone FLute


Ribbon Tapioca Lash!

Blood Type

No information


No information


Dutch / American

Mew Tapioca, or Seeme (Sammy) Akki, is a Mew Mew in the Tegaki Mew Mew universe, a story line based in Tokyo and headed by Ryou Shirogane. Played by OhKey on TegakiE.

Name Edit

Mew Tapioca was born Seeme-Akki De Graf, or simply known as Sammy. Canon to the show, TEMM characters like wise have food related names; Seeme Akki comes from how tapioca pearls are used and can be mistaken for sago pearls, also known as sagudana or sabudana (Pearl Sago) also called 'Seeme Akki'.

Appearance Edit

Human Form Edit

Mew Form Edit

Personality Edit

A Sagittarius, Seeme is energetic, optimistic, generous, freedom-loving, and open to new ideas.

History Edit

American by birth, his family's roots are dutch.

The events leading up to Seeme Akki's birth are something of a tragic story. He was not yet born when his family's vehicle was struck by a semi-truck (the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel), killing his older brother (Jansen De Graff, age 2) and injuring his mother. Maryse De Graff was rushed to a hospital where she gave birth to Seeme Akki De Graff via emergancy caesarean section, she died a shortly after.

However, his father (Deman De Graff) grief stricken with the lose of his wife and son, soon prooved incapable of caring for the young Seeme, who was then left in the care of his grandparents; Espen and Skyla De Graff. His father committed suicide by the time he was five.

Seeme lived primarily with his grandparents in Holland, where he attented school, but kept in close touch with his uncle and mother's brother, Rutger Devenpeck who lived in America. Many of his summer holidays were spent with his uncle on a ranch the man owned.

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