Soba is a newer alien in the TeMM world,She was sent after the recent disturbance on the Island. She is played by iTampon on tegakiE.

Name Edit

Soba is a Grey noodle that is often eaten cold,Or hot.(One of my favorite summer treats.) 

Soba prepared to be eaten cold.

Personality Edit

Soba is Quiet,Sleepy and blank eyed,She was trained to show no emotion by her father who Trained alien troops. Though she does slip up at times, She can often be very motherly even though her age is unknown and she is rather short.(Her breast-size does lean toward she is in her middle to late teens atleast in human years.) But she will never admit her age, As she was told,Many people will use your age,And treat you differntly.  She has a weak spot for cute things(Ducks)

Story Edit

Soba was sent to earth after The incedent on the island, Oversee and finish her training. She never wanted to be a soilder but her Family honor forced it upon her as she has not brothers or sisters. She is rather afraid of her fathers vengence. She feels she will put down the whole family is she does not live up to the family standards.

She wanted to be a Artist.

Weapon/Jelly Edit

Her lweapon is a Halberd,Which is a long ranged axe. Though she never uses it much or even seen with it.

Her jellie's name is Soumen, Another noodle that can be eaten cold or hot,But instead its white.