Taisho Private High School


Taisho Private High




Chiyoda Ward

Taisho [大暑] Private High School is located in Chiyoda, good for government/embassy influence.


Taisho Private High is known for having handsome boys, so some girls take the entrance exam for the cute uniforms and the boyfriend selection. The school came out with its “advanced” programs to differentiate the serious students from the average ones, since so many people were entering.

The school is pretty good with social sciences and fine arts, especially music.


Regular ClassesEdit

  • Mew Yamamomo / Yamamomo Suoushinrin [蘇枋森林山桃] — 10th grade
  • Mew Parfait / Parfait Aceline [パルフェ・アセリン] — 11/12th grade?

Advanced ClassesEdit

  • Mew Cassis / Kashisu Kuromura [黒村かしす] — 10th grade
  • Mew Fig / Ichijiku Kita [きたイチジク?] — 11th grade



Uniforms explained.

Regular classes have grey jackets with red collar, cuffs, and accents, while advanced classes are recognizable by a white jacket with gold collar, cuffs, and accents. The jacket buttons along under the right breast, with two buttons for the girl jacket and three buttons for the boy.

During the winter a white collared dress shirt is the norm, although a black turtleneck may be worn as an alternative. During the summer the jacket is replaced with a sleeveless vest, revealing the white sleeves of the dress shirt underneath.

Girls wear a grey skirt with red (regular) or gold (advanced) buttons situated near the jacket buttons, while boys have grey slacks. Boys must wear a tie, while girls may wear a ribbon, a bow, or a tie. The colors are the trim color, so red in regular classes and gold in advanced classes.

Boys may wear black socks varying from ankle- to midcalf-length, and girls may wear black socks at any length. Boys must wear loafers, while girls may wear either loafers, mary janes, or flats, so long as they are made out of black leather.

The winter gym uniform is a black sweat jacket with a gold school emblem on the left breast and a gold line running down the center of the left breast side, paired with black sweatpants with a gold line running down each side. The summer version consists of a white, shortsleeved T-shirt with a gold school emblem on the left breast and a gold line running down the center of the left breast side paired with black knee-length shorts with a gold line running down each side.