This is a list of all the currently taken names and DNA in the Tegaki Mew Mew RP. It should be edited as new characters are accepted, so be sure to check back often, especially to make sure your own name or DNA is listed once you've been accepted - and to make sure that one that ISN'T accepted yet isn't on here. Try to make sure everything is in alphabetical order.

*NEW* As of right now, I'm keeping all names and animals out of respect of all the previous members. If any of them come forward and say they're no longer continuing this group, then I'll cross out their claims

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Alien Names Edit

Azur Framboise Cannoli
Candy Chinsuko
Croissant Crossbun
Dacquoise Dango
Eclair Financier Noir
Ganache Génoise
Kurra Kimchi
Macaron Madeleine
Meringue Mille-feuille
Miso Morada Frappe Framboise
Olive Soba
Tiramisu Truffle

Mew Names Edit

Apricot Avocado
Blueberry (Mirtillo) Beet
Boysenberry Candy Corn
Caramel Cassis (Black Currant)
Cassonade Cherry (Cherri)
Chocolate (Schokolade) Chokeberry
Cicely Coconut
Cream (Creme) Curry
Custard (Sodo) Dewberry
Emblica Fig
French Toast (Perdu, as in pain perdu) Frosting
Grape (Gurepu) Guava
Honeydew Ice (Kori / Corey)
Lychee Maple syrup (Maple)
Marzipan Masala, as in masala chai
Nectarine (Neku) Paprika
Parfait Passion Fruit
Peach (Dakumomo) Pepper
Persimmon Pineapple
Popcorn (Poppukon) Popsicle
Pretzel (Puretsu) Rambutan
Ramune Rhubarb
Rice Salt
Satsuma, as in satsuma orange Sencha
Skittles Sugar
Starfruit Tangerine (Mikan)
Tapioca Taro
Toffee Torte
Vanilla (Banira) Watermelon
Yamamomo Zucchini (Courgette)

Mew DNA Edit

African Lion (Rice) African Wild Dog (Amber)
Anatolian Leopard (Kin) Andean Flamingo (Watermelon)
Arabian Oryx (Banira) Asian Leopard Cat (Masala)
Asian Arowana (Apricot) Barbados Yellow Warbler (Sodo)
Bay Cat (Cassonade) Black-footed Ferret (Avocado)
Black Panther (Starfruit) British Red Squirrel (Guava)
Bumblebee Bat (Shio) Cape Seahorse (Courgette)
Colombian Pygmy Basin Rabbit (Frosting) Darwin's Fox (Marzi)
Dhole (Taro) Dwarf Blue Sheep / Dwarf Bharal (Toffee)
European Mink (Parfait) Evorsk Vole (Beet)
Forest Owlet (Sencha) Giant Clam (Dewberry)
Great White Shark (Kori) Honduran White Bat (Honeydew)
Indian King Cobra (Maple) Indian Rhino (Ash)
Island Fox (Dakumomo) Javan Warty Pig (Mikan)
Jerboa (Rhubarb) Kyzylkum Sheep (Emblica)
Lesser Electric Ray (Fig) Long-eared Jerboa (Cicely)
Maned Three-Toed Sloth (Yamamomo) Margay (Kotte)
Mexican Spotted Owl (Coco) Northwest African Cheetah (Gurepu)
Peach Blossom Jellyfish (Peach) Peach-Faced Lovebird (Anzu)
Ocelot (Pepper) Orange-necked Partridge (Persimmon)
Otter Hound (Seeme) Red Wolf (Cherri)
Rice Rat (Schoko) Ringtailed Lemur (Mirtillo)
Rockhopper Penguin (Monet) Rothschild's Giraffe (Satsuma)
Saint Francis' Satyr Butterfly (Kana) San Joaquin Kit Fox (Ramune)
Scarlet Macaw (Skittles) Short-tailed Chinchilla (Creme)
Sichuan Partridge (Paprika) Snow Leopard (Lychee)
Stag Beetle (Rambutan) Tasmanian Devil (Chokeberry)
Tiger Chameleon (Cassis) Vancouver Island Marmot (Perdu)
Visayan Warty Pig (Neku) Volcano Rabbit (Kurri)
Whooping Crane (Sugar) Yellow-Shouldered Blackbird (Poppukon)
Zanzibar Suni (Puretsu)

Normal Human Names Edit

Alex Boka
Li Lucas
Sodo Yuan


Anzu Harp Avocado Yo-yo
Boysenberry Chimes Candycorn Cymbals
Cassis Staff Cassonade ???
Cherry Lantern Chocolate Shield (Schokolade)
Chokeberry Ream Guitar Cicely ???
Coconut Maracas Courgette Terrific Claves
Creamy Chimes (Creme) Custard Canister (Sodo)
Dark Peach Chimes (Dakumomo) Emblica Carillon
Fig Keytar Guava Mallet
Gurepu Chimes Honeydew Harmonica
Kori ??? Marzipan Archet
Masala Dancebells Mikan Pibgorn
Mirtillo Conductor Wand Mother of Pearl Mirror (Dewberry)
Nectarine Gong Paprika Dizi
Parfait Handbell Passion Fruit Triangles
Pepper Star Persimmon Inci
Perdu Skillet Pineapple Ektara
Popcorn Pan Flute Popsicle Ice Cream Scooper
Pretzel Triangle (Puretsu) Ramune Kazoo
Rice Alphorn Salt Sword
Satsu-Mike (Satsuma Mike) Sencha Whisk
Skittle Slingshot Starfruit Whistle
Sugar Clarinet Toffee Violencello
Yamamomo Morsing


"Ribbon Anzu Zing!" "Ribbon Avocado Blast!"
"Ribbon Blueberry Magic!" (Mirtillo) "Ribbon Boysenberry Absorption!"
"Ribbon Boysenberry Rejuvenation!" "Reborn Cassis Étoile!"
"Reborn Cassis Safeguard!" "Ribbon/Reborn Cassonade ???!"
"Ribbon Cherry Blaster!" "Reborn Chocolate Shield!" (Schokolade)
"Reborn Chokeberry Stun!" "Ribbon/Reborn Cicely ???!"
"Ribbon Coconut Super!" "Ribbon Courgette Whirl!"
"Ribbon Creamy Concerto!" (Creme) "Ribbon Custard Powder!" (Sodo)
"Ribbon Dark Peach Strike!" (Dakumomo) "Ribbon Emblica Ring!"
"Reborn Fig Shocker!" "Reborn French Toast Smash!" (Perdu)
"Ribbon Guava Flurry!" "Ribbon Guava Fluster!"
"Reborn Gurepu Ching!" "Ribbon Honeydew Mix!"
"Ribbon/Reborn Kori? ???!" "Reborn Marzipan Martelé!"
"Ribbon Masala Ting!" "Ribbon Mikan Pitch!"
"Ribbon Mirtillo Encore!" "Ribbon Nectar-Ringing!"
"Ribbon Paprika Voltage!" "Ribbon Parfait Fever!"
"Reborn Passion Fruit Bash!" "Ribbon Pepper Shake!"
"Ribbon Persimmon Euphoria!" "Ribbon Pineapple Storm!"
"Reborn Popcorn Trill!" (Poppukon) "Reborn Popsicle Blast!"
"Ribbon Puretsu Scatter!" "Ribbon Ramune Paralyzation!"
"Ribbon Rice Roar!" "Ribbon Salt Recharge!"
"Reborn Satsuma Forte!" "Ribbon Sencha Swirl!"
"Ribbon Skittle Explosion!" "Ribbon Sugar Medly!"
"Ribbon Starfruit ???!" "Ribbon Sweet Thunder!" (Candycorn)
"Reborn Toffee-Rhapsody!" "Ribbon Vanity Reflect!" (Dewberry)
"Ribbon White Noise!" (Candycorn) "Reborn Yamamomo Bind!"

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