Welcome to Tegaki Mew Mew Wiki.♥Edit

Tegaki Mew Mew is an active roleplay group found on Tegaki-E. It was created December 8th, 2008 by irrationalprince.

The RP is based off the anime/manga Tokyo Mew Mew. However, it is assumed the original characters have moved on (with the exception of Ryou, because we like to steal his credit card), leaving the responsibility of saving the earth in the hands of original "fan-made" characters. (In other words, no original characters.)

This wiki was created with the purpose of archiving the group's information into one convenient place.

If you are interested in joining our group, apps are always open! However, some familiarity with Tegaki-E would probably be helpful, as well as following the guidelines for creating a character. You might also want to check the Taken page, to make sure your character's name and DNA are original.

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