mostly called 'Misu

Age & Gender

17; Female


November 11th




117 lbs.


Bow and Arrows

Helper Parasite

Ziti (male)



Played By

Eneko-chan on TegakiE

Tiramisu is an alien who has only just recently been recruited to help with the aliens' struggle against the Mew Mews. Her specific area of expertise is unknown as of now.

Name Edit

Tiramisu's name comes from the delicious Italian dessert tiramisu. A picture of it can be viewed here. It consists of an Italian sponge cookie called in the US as ladyfingers, and soaked in strong coffee. It is layered with a custard of some sort, like cream cheese, and topped off with whipped cream and sprinkles of cocoa powder, cinnamon, or shaved chocolate. Its name in Italian literally means, 'pick-me-up' because it has so much caffiene in it.

Physical Appearance Edit

Tiramisu is rather tall for her age, being 5 feet 8 inches in stature. What she has in height is made up for in her weight, which is under-average for her age group's (if she was a human) weight. She's 117 pounds. Her hair, naturally silky, flows down to her lower back / bellybutton, and she has sideswept bangs with longer bangs in front of her ears. Speaking of ears, as is normal for an alien, hers are long and similar to elves'.