Tokyo Metropolitan Sakuramori High School


Tokyo Metropolitan Sakuramori High School




Center of city

Tokyo Metropolitan Sakuramori (桜森) High School is a big public school in the center of the city, close to all amenities. However, it tends to be a “poor” school (not the students themselves) because the funding does not cover all the students.


While having a medium hard entrance exam, the school lets in more students than those who pass the exam for extra funding. They hold many fundraisers and festivities year-round to bring in further funds.


  • Mew Ice / Kori/Corey ??? (???氷) — 10th grade
  • Mew Chocolate / Schokolade “Schoko” Schultz (ショコラダ・シュルツ 「ショコ」) — 10th grade
  • Mew Popcorn/ Poppukon Shiomami (塩茉美ポップコーン) — 10th grade
  • Mew Candy Corn / Kotte Godisberg (コッテ・ゴーディスバーグ) — 10th grade?
  • Mew Courgette / Courgette Kurosawa (黒沢コージェット) — 10/11th grade?
  • Mew Cherry / Cherri Akaikawa (赤い川チェッリ?) — 11th grade
  • Mew Creme / Kurimi Shiromori (白森くりみ) — 11th grade
  • Mew Emblica / Yukan Kaneshiro (金城ゆかん) — 11th grade
  • Li Chun-tao (???) — 11/12th grade?



School and gym uniforms.

Girls wear a white sailor-style shirt with a dark blue collar with two red stripes near the inner edge, a dark blue skirt, and a bow in either dark blue or dark red. During the winter the sleeves are long, and the shirt includes navy blue cuffs with two horizontal red stripes. The summer shirt has short sleeves with no cuffs.

Boys wear a white collared button-up shirt, navy blue slacks, and a tie in either dark blue or dark red. During the winter a dark blue blazer with two red stripes on the inner collars and silver buttons.

Cardigans and vests are available to students in dark blue, dark red, beige, and white. Cardigan sleeves hit at around the wrist, while vests are sleeveless.

The winter gym uniform consists of a white T-shirt, a dark blue zip-up sweat jacket with two white stripes on the side of each sleeve, and dark blue sweatpants with two white stripes running down each side. During the summer the jacket is unused and the pants are replaced with dark blue gym shorts with two white stripes running down each side.


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