Hey guys! So you wanna add an article about your character, huh? Well, follow these few simple steps and you'll be all set! Let's get started...

Step One: Creating the ArticleEdit

To begin, simply create your article. This can be done by going to the Tegaki Mew Mew Wiki main page, writing in your article's title, and pressing "Create New Article" in the Contribute to this wiki section. That will take you to a page where you can put in the beginnings of your article. If you don't know exactly where you want to start, it'd be a good idea to just type in "Under Construction" or something and submit! See, wasn't that easy?

Step Two: Required InfoEdit

This will differ depending on what type of character you're creating an article for. The Mew characters are going to have more information required than any of the others, but that's to be expected. iTampon has suggested that the following should be on all character articles:


Name (and translation if the name is a food in a language not easily recognized), age, gender, DNA, weapon, attack, a little information about them, and your Tegaki username to show who plays them. Hair and eye color would be good if the article does not include a colored picture, but considering that our roleplaying is art-based, it shouldn't be a problem to just gank and scale down a picture of them from their profiles. Anything else you want to add is optional, but the more the better!

A picture would be great too (of both forms if possible!) but it isn't strictly necessary. As long as you've got the basics so that people know exactly what it is food and DNA wise that you took, that's enough, but where's the fun in that?


Name, age, gender, weapon, a little information about them,and your Tegaki username. Hair and eye color, like with the Mews, would be good if the article doesn't include a colored picture. Anything else is optional, but again, the more the better! And if you want to add a picture, feel free.


Name, age, gender, a little information about them, and your Tegaki username are really all you need. And again, hair and eye color if it isn't clear either because the picture isn't colored or because there isn't a picture at all. (A picture would be nice, though!)

Step Three: Edit Character ListsEdit

So your article is up and your character's bio is all written out. Now you want to go to the proper character page and add them to the list! To do this, simply find your way to the Mews, Aliens, or Humans wiki pages, and edit in a little blurb about your character, with a link. Try to keep the lists in alphabetical order, okay?